Asian Herbs for Mind Power

Mind power is so important. The mind should be in power over the body and command it to obedience. As kids practicing martial arts, we would try to imitate the Zen masters and effect what looks like meditation for mind power. But it's all form and no essence--purely cinematic.

But ancient Chinese herbalists had secrets to brain power. They kept a list of Asian herbs for mind power and will strength. The herbs were supposed to keep your mind relaxed and super encouraged to seek higher plains for developing your full potentials. Here are some of them:

  • Powdered Pearl. This is a Shen tonic (Shen has to do with a group of mind relaxing herbs) for empowering the emotions, control fear, anger, and frustration. 
  • Peony. A root herb that relaxes the muscle and purifies the blood. That works for a more relaxed mind (as we know that blood feeds the brain with oxygen and nutrients). For women having troubles with their menstrual periods, this herb relaxes them. 
  • Pinellia. Aids in digestion and clears the lungs of phlegm. Of course, if your tummy and breathing are okay, that relaxes your mind and empowers it. 
  • Pine Nuts. This reportedly made Taoist priests live longer. Knowing how your life is prolonged can definitely make you relax. 
  • Polygala. A popular mind relaxant herb. It also strengthens your will to reach new intellectual and spiritual heights and helps you stay positive to fulfill your potentials. Some say it aids in dreaming good dreams.
  • Polygonatum Sibericum. It is a Yin tonic for brain vitality. It is good for minds often over worked and over stressed. It nourishes and strengthens the brain.
Herbs are said to often nourish at the cellular level, and thus penetrate deeply for nourishment. But Asian herbs for mind power are said to affect the brain in more ways than the cellular realms.

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