Start Your Home Organic Vegetable Garden NOW!

The actual kit.
If you want to start an organic vegetable garden at home but are wondering how and where to start, this kit will help you. It is designed to help city folks start doing the hobby easily. You'd find everything you need to start a basic home vegetable garden in it.

The kit seen in the picture above costs P1,888. The next time you buy the liquid fertilizer and compost, you enjoy a 20% discount.

Other kits cost P7,888 and P16,888,

What's Included in the P1,888 Kit 

It has 3 plastic container pots (see picture above), about 20 kilos of organic soil compost, a bottle of Rapha Humus liquid organic fertilizer, container spray, vegetable seeds, and a plastic seedling box or tray. It also has basic instruction on how to use the kit to start your organic home vegetable garden and how to plant. Plus brochures to share the information and opportunity to your friends and some packs of seeds.

One seed pack may contain smaller packs with seeds of sweet pepper, pechay, eggplant, native chili (siling haba), okra and tomatoes.

So, all you have to do is really just do it!

Why Share about It to Friends

This blog, Start Your Home Organic Vegetable Garden (SYHOVG), aims to promote and spread organic home vegetable gardening in Metro Manila, and later in Luzon. The idea is to make fresh, healthy, organic vegetables more readily available to each home in the metropolis so people would become healthy. I and my friends also want each community in Metro Manila healthier by making organic vegetables abundant.

Most vegetables out there in the market are contaminated with chemical pesticides and grown bombarded with chemical fertilizers or grown in acidic soil. The sad story is that most agrochemicals (chemicals used in gardening and agriculture) stick to the crops and don't get eliminated by washing. Imagine your kids eating vegetables with residues of deadly chemicals. Imagine what happens when that accumulates in their bodies.

And where can you buy vegetables without chemicals? In certified organic farms. But where are they in Metro Manila?

Read more about it here.

So, what's the solution? Start your own home organic vegetable garden, obviously!

Not Just a Hobby

Later, the hobby of gardening can turn into a small business. When your organic vegetables start outgrowing your family consumption, you can sell the excess to your neighbors and friends. Organic vegetables are more costly than ordinary vegetables.

For instance, if a whole cluster of pechay costs P15 in the market, you can sell your organic pechay for P20 per cluster. If your home organic vegetable garden produces 20 heads of pechay, you make P400. What if you have other vegetables which also has excesses you can sell? It can become a lucrative small home business.


Moreover, gardening is a therapeutic hobby that promotes good health for everyone. If you are suffering from work stress (or whatever stress you're dealing with), start a gardening hobby. This is also a reason why this blog wants you to share home organic vegetable gardening to relatives, neighbors and friends. Let's start living stress free.

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