Zero Caffeine Talbos-ng-Kamote Tea

You want a zero caffeine healthy tea from a deep green leafy tropical vegetable? Then try my talbos-ng-kamote tea. It's cheap here in Manila and so easy to prepare. A bundle of talbos ng kamote is only about $0.01 or P5.00. Thoroughly wash the leaves and stems and boil in very small amount of water--just enough to cook the veggies on steam.

As soon as the pot or kettle emits steam, turn off the fire and pour the remaining broth in a cup and drink when warm. You may use the leaves and tender stems as salad with chopped fresh onions, tomatoes, and a sprinkling of organic vinegar. I take the tea for a wonderful detox and refreshing warm tea beverage. It tastes better when mixed with broth from boiled okra. You should try it!

We all know of the health benefits of camote tops or talbos ng kamote. In summary, it is rich in antioxidants like polyphenolics that fight oxidative stress that causes cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It's also rich in micro nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, to name some. Well, to simplify, all the health benefits of green leafy vegetables are present in camote tops.

But how about the broth or tea?  There are people who claim that talbos-ng-kamote tea can cure dengue or very high fever caused by a virus from mosquitos that carry it. I haven't tried it with dengue patients--and I always say people sick with anything should first consult their medical doctors before taking alternative medicine--but I won't be surprised if indeed it cured the viral disease.

However, also remember that certain plant nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins are affected negatively when boiled. I recommend that you boil camote leaves with as little water as possible (and for shorter periods as possible--like 1 minute or less), just enough to create steam for cooking the leaves and for leaving enough broth for your talbos-ng-kamote tea for a zero-caffeine refreshing beverage.

In my case, I find the tea helpful in improving my blood chemistry results, particularly my uric acid test and cholesterol.

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