Cilantro: For Toxic Metal Detox
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I love that subtle flavor cilantro lends food dishes that gives them a unique taste your tongue pursues after, pretty much like how kinchay--another favorite herb of mine--affects food. But cilantro or kulantro [in Tagalog] does more than just improve food flavor--it's a powerful toxic metal detox herb.

It is said to be a Mexican herb, but through centuries of being a regular feature of vegetable markets in the Philippines, it has become among herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia used in some household kitchens in the country--and restaurants and eateries, as well. When I see chopped cilantro in pancit, for instance, I feel my appetite go up higher levels.

Super Detox

And as I've said, it's good for detoxifying heavy metals from your system. With the kind of food preparation popular today, we often get heavy metals from our food, especially those cooked in aluminum or those with some lead or mercury contents. If you're cooking food with aluminum utensils, you better take more cilantro into your system. Heavy metal particles go straight to the brain and may cause dementia, among other diseases, say experts.

But cilantro has plant chemical compounds that bind to metal toxins and cause them to loosen from tissues they have affected. Then they get flushed out of the system for good, says Dr Edward Group, Global Healing Center CEO. Again, if you need to detox heavy metals from your body, consult with a medical doctor about it, along with eating cilantro or taking cilantro juice.

To juice it, simply blend to gather at least six cups consumed evenly during a week's period. Do it every week. At first, mix the fresh cilantro puree to your other fresh, blended fruit or vegetable juices. Then gradually try taking pure cilantro juice.

Now, some folks can't take cilantro smell or taste. Remedy that by mixing in ripe banana or papaya [which are good and healthy smell or taste neutralizers] or a green leafy veggie that agrees with your taste buds. As for me, I just love cilantro. In fact, I often look for it in pancit, chopped suey, and other sauteed vegetable dishes. I love the crunch and oozing-juice sensation when my teeth chew them. If no cilantro is present, celery is a good substitute.

Other Health Benefits

Cilantro is also said to help calm down anxiety, detox and cleanse the small intestine, promote eye health [especially help in alleviating macular degeneration], detox infections like UTI, rich in Vitamin K for bone health, help remedy anemia, and contain antioxidants kaempferol, epigenin, rhamnetin, and quercetin for an overall immune system boost.

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