Breast Cancer Herb Remedy

It's called Abaniko in Filipino. Abaniko is a traditional manual fan you hold with your hand and sway to stir air and beat a hot day. But this Abaniko herb, named after the fan, is said to beat breast cancer, among other ailments. It is cultivated in warm countries like the Philippines as an ornamental plant and is said to be a native of Southeastern Asia.

The leaves are erect, long and pointed but the flower petals look like small abanikos. However, I can imagine how the leaves can be made into native abaniko fans as shown in the picture on the left.

The Rhizome in the plant is said to be a good expectorant and powerful for blood and liver detox and remedying pulmonary problems, though acrid and bitter in taste. Aside from this, Abaniko is also found to have isolates that promote stimulatory activity to fight breast cancer in humans. Thus, it is said to be anti-proliferative adn anti-cancer.

It is also said to prevent prostate cancer by inhibiting its proliferation. Moreover, it has antioxidative and hepatoprotective or liver protection properties. Plus, it was found to possess anti-diabetic and anti-tumor benefits.

My grandma once told me that vegetables or tea from leaves that tasted bitter meant they had potent curing benefits, like amplaya leaves. Abaniko has a stronger bitter taste, and it comes to no surprise that it has powerful healing properties. But do ask your doctor before taking Abaniko tea, or at least verify with your nutritionist.

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