Kick Out Ailments with These Ordinary Herbs
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Believe it or not, most times you don't need to go to a doctor or take medicines to get rid of common ailments. All you need is an ordinary herb often found in gardens to kick out ailments like the common cold, cough, fever, tooth aches, headaches, stomach aches, sprains, stiff muscles, joint pains, itches, skin allergies and irritations, cuts, pimples and acne, and the like. And here are some examples:

Boiled Guava Leaves

Did you know that so many skin problems can be remedied by simply washing them with the warm broth from boiled guava leaves? Problems like wounds, boils, and open sores, especially those irritated by germs. When I was small, I often got open sores from ruptured boils infected by germs because I played a lot on the ground. All we did was boil newly sprouted guava leaves and wash the wound with it. The sore healed after a few days.

Pressed Garlic

Pressed garlic was a good remedy for toothaches when I was a kid, especially those caused by cavities. We pressed it and chose a small chunk just enough to fit the cavity. In seconds, the pain was gone. The hot sensation deadened the pain and later acted like an anesthesia, numbing the gums and affected tooth. Well, you just have to stand the smell that sticks in your mouth a long time.

Pressed garlic also worked well to lower blood pressure. If your BP shoots up and you run out of maintenance or remedy medicine, try swallowing pieces of garlic while waiting for someone to buy your meds or while on your way to your doctor.

Spring Onions and Kinchay

Spring onions and kinchay, when boiled and eaten, quickly lower blood pressure. If you can eat them raw, then so much the better. If regularly mixed with your food, they can normalize blood pressure. They're also good for detoxification.


Crush ginger and place in clean cloth to wrap around stiff muscles. I used to have stiff neck which made me skip school for days. What we did was to wrap it around my neck using clean cloths. The cool sensation quickly relieved the pain. Boiled ginger tea is also an effective first aid for coughs and sore throats. Or, if you can, eat slices of it raw for a quick sore throat relief. A lot of herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia are practical for quick and cheap remedies.

More simple herbal cures for common ailments are found in the book displayed above. It will be worth keeping handy in your home near the medicine cabinet for quick pain or sickness reliefs and first aid measures. But then, always see your doctor for ailments, especially if they persist a few days after applying the herbal first aid. Herbal first aids are good while medicine or medical help is still on the way.

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