Plant Your Herbs There!

Make space in your house to plant herbs. If your place is located in a concrete jungle, here are some options you can do so you may plant your herbs there:

  • Cut out the neck openings of plastic gallon jugs and fill the jug body with soil. Plant your herbs there and replace the soil every 4 or 5 months. Bore holes underneath for drainage.
  • Put soil in empty coconut or copra shells and plant your herbs there.
  • Of course, you can also use the old tin can trick.
  • Make a wooden plant box near your kitchen or just to the back of it and fill it with soil and plant your herbs there.
  • Hang earth or plastic pots at your porch or laundry area or garage or backyard and plant your herbs there. They'd look cute and refreshing when the herbs have grown and spread. That's what we did with our backyard, among other things.
  • Construct a wooden or steel leveled terrace, like that of the steps of a stair, and place your pots on the "steps" for your herbs. Make the structure narrow to save space and put it somewhere near your kitchen.
  • Turn every plant corner available into a veggie and herb garden. Use every available space (like the top of your hand rails or terrace baluster) to put small pots on and there plant your herbs. Use the bottoms of your window jambs. 
  • Dig through a portion of your concrete pavement on the ground floor (like, at a corner of  perimeter fence) until you reach the soil beneath. Cement the sides of the hole and add height by adding hollow blocks and cement to stabilize and plaster. Then add soil in it. That's your more permanent herb and veggie plant box. 
Just make sure that your improvised plant and herb box or area is situated where there's enough gentle sunlight coming in. Make use of sunlight filters or screens for areas too exposed to sunlight.

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