Easy Veggie Plant Bottle Containers and Shelf Ideas

In an article before this one, I shared about how my bible disciple was able to grow organic vegetables right on his rooftop even if he had no backyard or soil to do it with. He collected lots of plastic bottles and sawed them off in half and did various designs of veggie pots with them, similar to the pics I show below.

I also want to show you how my late mom did her plant shelves to save space in our small side yard by showing you similar pics.

Veggie Plant Bottle Containers

Okay, let's start with the veggie plastic bottle containers. All you need is, well, collect softdrink plastic bottles and gallons, a sharp cutter or pair of scissors, and nylon string or wires. Cut the plastic softdrink bottles as show on the picture on the left. You can use both halfs to plant vegetables in.

You may cut the plastic bottle with a cutter first to provide a small initial slice, and then insert the scissors to use it for completing the cut. This makes the work safer.

It would be hard to cut the bottle directly with a pair of scissors like in the figure shown on the left. The scissors would likely slide against the smooth surface of the plastic bottle without cutting it.

So, do it initially with a sharp cutter to create a sliced cut where you can insert the pair of scissors.

Then, you can fill up the half bottles with your organic "soil" (made of pulverized rotten vegetable stuff) and plant your vegetables there.

See example pictures below.

Vegetables in plastic
gallons with a square
hole on one side.
How bottles cut in half
can serve as vegetable
or orchid container. 
My mom solved her space problem when she wanted to have plants at our small side yard. She had a 5-layer wooden plant shelf constructed like stair steps--with risers and treads--and placed the earthen pots on the treads. See example below.

Below are other examples:

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