New Blog but the Same Purpose: So It's Not Really Good Bye to PhilAsian Herbs

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Those of you who have been following PhilAsian Herbs for so many years will probably be surprised to find it no longer exists. It was a hard decision to replace that blog with this blog. I have learned to love PhilAsian Herbs on plants and herbs in the Philippines and Asia, but lately I and my wife revived our interest on organic home vegetable gardens.

So, this new blog is no longer about Asian and Philippine plants and herbs but on how to start an organic vegetable garden right in one;s home, no matter if there is limited space only. That's what's really in our hearts.

What I had in mind with PhilAsian Herbs was to promote Philippine plants and herbs, with some coming from Asia. Second, I also wanted to promote gardening and eating more vegetables among Filipinos.

But I want all this to be hinged on organic gardening. It's useless to eat vegetables which are not organic. Inorganic vegetables are often riddled with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. That negates all the health benefits you can attribute to eating vegetables. if it isn't organic, then it promotes acidity which is unhealthy, no matter what you do.

I hope all PhilAsian Herbs followers will discover this blog and continue following our posts. And one more thing---I and my wife are seriously doing a business out of organic gardening at home. I'd like to keep a blog about it for future generations to see.

We hope to grow a healthy organic vegetable garden right in our home and what small spaces we have left, and then sell the excess and make money. We also plan to sell the organic liquid fertilizer we are using and the compost. Our target are people in the city who realize that urgent need to plant vegetables in their homes, no matter how small their home is.

Even vegetables from provinces are inorganic. And organic vegetable farms are far from Metro Manila. So, it's high time to start your own organic vegetable now.

I think PhilAsian Herbs just got promoted to a better calling.

Now we have two specific goals in mind---go start your own vegetable garden at home, and go all-out organic with your vegetable garden!

The battle cry---"Nothing but organic!"

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