Sampaguita as an Herbal Scent

Sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines, is considered by many as an herbal scent to relax the mind and make the body feel good. This flower is often threaded and hung on idols and images as a form of veneration. It is also hung around necks of respected people during special occasions. It's sweet scent is worthy of honoring people in high places.

But what we often fail to realize is that, its sweet scent is relaxing. Thus, often, people honored by having Sampaguita hung around their necks feel somewhat elated. The sweet scent of the flower adds to this good feeling. If you feel somewhat down in spirit, try taking a handful of this tiny flowers and enjoy the scent. It will perk you up in no time.

I've seen folks put a handful of this flower where their car aircon blows. Soon the whole car smells of it, and everyone is in good spirits. In this way, the flower is a kind of herbal scent that makes you feel better. People buy fresh Sampaguita flowers in threads and hang them on their idols. Later, when they feel good, they attribute it to the idols blessing them. Actually, it's the herbal scent of the flower that did the trick, not the idols.

Some folks are allergic to Sampaguita. Some find the scent repugnant. But most people like it. Some keep it as a lucky charm or a protection keepsake. In truth, it's just a flower you can use as a herbal scent.

Some people reportedly use the roots as herbal tea. They wash the roots clean, boil them, and drink the brew. It's supposed to make the body stronger and healthier. I haven't tried it, but what I can vouch for is the relaxing sweet scent of its white, silky flowers. During graduation rites, schools have them pinned on graduates as ribbons. The fragrance gives you a scent of success.

If you want protection from vehicular smokes or air pollution, keep some of the flowers in your handkerchief. Just cover your mouth and nose with the hankie and breathe in the fresh fragrance during smoke belching or foul odor emissions.

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