Dog and Cat Herbal Medicine

I've had Pinoy dogs (askal) and cats (pusakal) as pets since I was in grade 4, so I know them very well. I've seen how they took care of themselves, considering the fact that here in Deep Asia native dogs and cats rarely get veterinary attention. Imagine getting sick and you're a dog or a cat and your master do not have the money to send you to a hospital. Thank God there's dog and cat herbal medicine!

If your Pinoy dog or cat doesn't feel good, they go out and look for herbs. This is true especially for stomach aches. And the herbs are something we cannot apply to humans. Recently, my friend, Loopy (our neighbor's askal) went out and came to my porch where some wild plant was growing. Neighbors say the plant often grows in forests and the leaves are good for cleaning stains from cooking pan and pots. Loopy smelled the leaves and ate some. It was crunchy in his mouth, sounding like crunchy lettuce.

Then he went to the garden next door and smelled some leaves there, too, appeared to be selecting a specific species, and ate them. Then he ate some grass. I knew what he was up to. He probably ate improperly last night and which was now making him sick. After a few moments, his tummy started convulsing and he threw up. Then he looked okay and started running around. He was feeling better.

I have observed the phenomenon many times with various local dogs, especially those I took care of. When they felt sick or had tummy trouble, they just went out and hunted for some herbal treatment--what I called and still call dog and cat herbal medicine. God gave them instinct for this. What a great God!

I had a dog, Dalig, who had a nerve disease since he was a puppy. I took care of him as a boy, and he learned to really love me till he grew up and died of old age. He was so loyal to me. Anyway, my other dog, Vernie, always played with him in the morning, biting his legs and dragging him on the floor. At first, I didn't understand what was happening, so I shooed Vernie off. But he persisted, and Dalig seemed to be tolerating him. Then I discovered---Vernie was actually massaging him! Soon, Dalig was healed of the disease and they were enjoying life ever since. What a dog massage treatment!

It's just amazing how even animals can treat themselves using all-natural remedies.

The same with cats. I always note how they seek healing by eating herbs appropriate for them, and they do this by smelling leaves of wild plants. Cats often eat the tips of grass to remedy their internal aches. The principle in all this is to get rid of the foul acid from their system, or in other words, cleansing.

Cats also seem to have a healing power from their tongues but which is applicable only to their kind. I've noticed how cats would lick their wounds for faster healing. They would also lick their young suffering from ailments or hurts and make them well.

So I think herbal remedy is universal. God designed living creatures to have alternative herbal medicine or cures.

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