Philippine Oregano

Here's the power of Philippine Oregano. It can get rid of slight hematoma or the collection of blood internally but which is evident physically. This is due to some injury. For instance, if someone punches you on the face and you get a black eye, or beaten black and  blue, that's an internal collection of blood seen on the outside of your skin. If you want to get rid of that, apply crushed Oregano leaves on it. 

As a kid I once had a bluish patch on my skin due to a physical blow. I hated the sight so I took some Philippine Oregano leaves, crushed them and applied the pounded leaves on the injury. Within hours the bluishness disappeared. Such a super herb!

But this is just one of the many uses of Philippine Oregano, or Origanum Vulgare as scientists call it.

The leaves are somewhat hairy, as you can see in the picture above, and small and round in shape. It has a curious smell because it belongs to the mint family. It is highly antimicrobial so you can use it to treat your cough, cold, and sore throat or tonsillitis. I know a lot of folks who use the brew for asthma and its effective on them. Wash the leaves and brew, and drink that. As simple as that. 

And what's more, it's a powerful antioxidant because it is rich in bioflavonoids and phenolic acid. So, if you're not sick with cold or cough but want to have antioxidant power in your body, just drink Philippine Oregano brew. But you might not like the bitter taste. Kids hate it.

When kids are made to drink Oregano juice, it's for the expectorant effect. Kids vomit the phlegm. Or else, the juice melts the phlegm so that it comes out through defecation. It's a wonder anti sticky phlegm. Some mothers mix the bitter juice with some wild honey, but it does little to improve the taste. But it's among the powerful medicinal herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia.

In our area in Deep Asia, a lot of households have this herb planted in pots as decorative plants. Some people owning them don't even know how useful they are. They just find the leaves cute and the flowers delightful. I didn't know about them until a relative told me how they can be used as medicinal herbs.

Some folks even use it in cooking. If they need something bitter, they apply the Oregano essence. Just crush the leaves and squeeze--out comes the bitter juice. So, start planting the Philippine Oregano in pots. It's easy to care for them. They are not sensitive. In fact, they grow and proliferate fast. Native herbs like the Philippine Oregano are among the wonderful herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia.

My officemate had a bad cough. It made her awake all night. Then, the next day, just a half-day take of a bottle of brewed Oregano got rid of her cough!

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