Philippine Healing Herb

It's fast rising in popularity today as a Philippine healing herb. Moringa, or malungay, is also becoming a rare commodity in the market because of this. If you're sick with anything, try malungay. Either juice it, cook it, or apply it topically. 

What's the healing secret of this Philippine healing herb?

Simple. With all its super nutrition and vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, malungay can easily help repair and strengthen your immune system. It has tremendous health benefits! It's your immune system that fights off ailments. It's like organic fertilizers. These fertilizers do not feed your plants; they help plants manufacture food called L-amino acid. This is what plants eat. Malungay works like that. Its rich nutrition feeds your immune system. You immune system fights ailments and repairs and heals your cells. 

This Philippine healing herb can be cooked as a supplemental vegetable to any soup recipe you have. It's perfect as a vegetable for the Filipno Tinola dish. Or simply saute chopped ginger, garlic, and onions, add water, and boil and tenderize your chopped raw papaya in it. Later, pour in your malungay leaves and boil to cook. Then serve. This dish can help strengthen your health especially with lots of the Philippine healing herb in it. 

Or you might want to juice the raw leaves and thin stems (producing a dark green extract) and drink that. Or boil the leaves and thin stems and drink the brew or tea and eat the leaves. It's easy to prepare this Philippine healing herb for treatment purposes. 

You have a wound or open skin infection? Ground the washed-clean leaves and cover the wound with it with a clean cloth or gauze. You have skin or facial problems? Try washing with malungay juice from clean malungay leaves.

Malungay With Coffee

If you make coffee from corn or rice, mix in tiny ground bits of malungay. Or, if you drink ordinary coffee, this Philippine healing herb may neutralize the effects of caffeine. So mix in some tiny ground bits. Malungay leaves cannot be powderized as of this writing, so the best we can do is dry them and ground them into tiny bits. Or ground them first and then dry them.

I like it best as tea brew. Make sure to use more water and just enough leaves and stems to make your tea color less dark. Enjoy them daily. a small cup in the morning and another in the afternoon. It's the tea made of a Philippine healing herb without caffeine, guaranteed. Among the best herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia!

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