An Effective and Proven Weight Loss Fruit

I discovered this amazing fruit recently! It took off 5 pounds from me in a week, and 10 pounds from my wife in 2 weeks! It's called a plum, pickled plum to be exact. So I researched on it and found that [as expected] plums are naturally rich in dietary fibers. Not just that, it also has natural vitamins and antioxidants. That explained my added high-energy experience! It's supposedly an effective and proven weight loss fruit!

Fermented and Dried Plums

I love eating dried plums called prunes. I buy them from any supermarket and they are definitely effective as a natural purgative. I love the taste, too, and I also love its thick juice form. But fermented plums are altogether different. I had a taste of it about 2 weeks ago and it was awesome! Plums are said to grow in cold places, not in the tropics, but I featured these plums here on my PhilAsian Herbs blog because these fermented plums I'm talking of come from Singapore..and partly from China. Well, here's the story.

My former boss, Roman, asked me to try the plums he's been taking to lose weight. He said it took off 5 inches from his waist! Hmm, I was kinda doubtful and curious. A 5-inch waist width decrease? Come on! He said he wanted my wife to especially try it, she being a bit flabby at the sides. So, okay. We tried this so-called effective and proven weight loss fruit.

Fermented Food is Powerful!

And indeed, my wife lost weight fast! I did, too. So I researched on this particular kind of fermented plums and saw how it was effective for health and weight loss. To start with, any food fermented becomes more powerful in nutrition and health effects. They become rich in microorganism or good bacteria and the action of good bacteria with food enhances its nutritional value, like in the case of plums. This is also more apparent with teas. Fermented teas become more powerful in antioxidants, like in the case of fermented Oolong, black, and Pu Er teas.

Colon Health

Fermented food is perfect for digestive health, especially colon health. Colon health depends on the health of microflora through good bacteria growth. With colon health comes regular disposal of human waste. And if no putrefying food is present in the colon [ascending, descending, and transverse colon], then no toxins and poisons and heavy metals stay there to react with bad bacteria. No disease can develop that way. Remember that diseases, especially cancer cells, live in highly acidic environment.

And with colon health comes easy and quick assimilation of food nutrients into your body. Which explains why I felt more energized after eating the fermented plums. And these plums are especially fermented with green tea and Pu Er tea extracts for fat burning and fat blocking effects, respectively. They are an effective and proven weight loss fruit. You should try it. To try it, see this site!

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