Neem or Nim, It's a Wonder Herb

My officemate, Tony, brought this cluster of strange looking leaves that looked like Marijuana. He said it was from the Neem tree that had grown tall in his backyard at his place in San Miguel, Bulcan. He brought it because another officemate, Inna, told us it had powerful health and healing effects! It was supposed to be a wonder herb.

So we tried it out. Inna had 3 stems with leaves boiled in 6 cups of water. She said per stem means boiling it in 2 cups of water for better, more powerful results. After some minutes, she was back with the Neem tea and we started sipping from our cups. How did it taste?

I Thought There was an Earthquake!

At first [the first split-second], I thought it tasted just like any tea. Well, it kinda tasted like that the first 1/16th second. But the aftertaste was awful! BAM! I thought there was an earthquake or something. It was terribly bitter! My goodness! It almost rocked me off my chair! But there was something in the bitterness that I thought I should feature it on PhilAsian Herbs at once!

The split-second taste of bitterness was quickly gone, but it told you that something good was on its way to your overall health. It told you of powerfully good things to come! I looked it up in Google and a site told me Neem or Nim leaves made into tea was very good for almost all kind of ailments, mild and deadly. In India, it is a cure-all plant that remedied ailments from ordinary cold and cough and flu to cancers, diabetes, heart diseases and the like. It even solved hair lice problems.

The only problem was its biting bitter taste.

I remember my dad telling us that any food naturally bitter in taste like bitter melon or ampalaya was ideal for stomach health. Today, they're saying that bitter veggies are good for treating diabetes. I guess the same goes for the Neem or Nim leaves made into tea.

Neem is said to be originally from India but somehow several trees found its way to other tropical countries like the Philippines. Tess, also my officemate, said it became part of the government's tree-planting project back in the Martial Law years when tree planting became a big hit especially with government employees. Now, it's abundantly growing near government buildings especially those along the Elliptical Road in Quezon City, she said.

How Did It Work for Us?

How did the Neem or Nim tea work for us? Well, the wonder herb made Tony's farting prowess more pronounced when he got home that night. He said his fart started firing out like machine gun fire.And we all know how regular farting is the start of good digestive health. Later, he claimed it gave him smooth and quite productive bowel movement [not LBM though]that he emerged out of the toilet a different man! Meaning, his belly really felt lighter as if he could fly.

Inna said she felt lots better and more energized. Her daughter used it for her head lice and saw them drop dead like they had an epidemic. Neem or Nim tea is also said to be ideal for deworming, repelling mosquitoes and other insects, a natural pesticide in agriculture, and also for weight loss! You can also use it for getting rid of acne and pimples.

Me? I felt so energized!

I ordered more of the leaves so I can drink the tea now and then at home. A word of precaution though: researchers say don't drink too much of it because it may have adverse effects to your liver. So just drink once or twice a week, just a half cup each time; just enough to give your health a good boost. It's definitely among herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia that should continue to proliferate.

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