Oregano Phlegm Expectorant

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They easily grow on pots and gardens. They spread as shrubs but if you help them stand up with stick supports they can also stand erect. I thought they were just ornamental plants my grandma and sister-in-law grew in cans and plastic vessels in our backyard. Oregano is among common herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia. But at the time, when I was in grade school, I didn't know it was an herbal tea for getting rid of phlegm. Until one day when I was pestered by a stubborn cough.

Synthetic cough medicines didn't work and my terrible cough was already punishing me, causing me sleepless nights. Have you ever had such cough, the kind that kept you growling like a dog every few seconds that you almost couldn't breathe? It was like that. And I was desperately looking for a remedy. So I tried what my grandma and in-law suggested--oregano tea. They almost forced their oregano phlegm expectorant formula to me.

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What they did was to simply pick oregano leaves, wash them clean, and boil them. Then they made me drink the tea. And it worked. A few days after my cough subsided. It was a miracle! And I felt strong after. My strength recovered.

With infants, what my in-law does is wash the leaves clean and ground them using a pestle and a mortar. Then she squeezed the juice and made babies and kids drink it pure. That made them throw up phlegm. Amazing. She does it with babies 1 or 2 years and older. She claims it was even what cured her grand kids' asthma. Once the kids showed signs of an asthma attack, she prepared the concoction, that made the kids throw up, and the attack was gone.

But before you try this, get the approval of your doctor.

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