How to Do Aquaponics
Ever heard of aquaponics? It's probably the best when caring for plants and herbs in the Philippines and Asia. It's the latest revolutionary gardening and agricultural development since hydroponics. I have a neighbor, Rolly, who is into aquaponics and manages to grow organic herbs and vegetables and fish.

He has lettuce and tomato plants in this box he made where water continuously flows. The water comes from his aquarium nearby and even in the box where his plants are "planted on water" small fish roam around. First, the roaming fish was to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there, he said. Now, the water just goes through a cycle, in and out, so it's really water saving. You just have to add water from time to time to replace water lost due to evaporation.

The vegetables are fed organic fertilizer coming from the aquarium and mostly fish-produce like ammonia, nitrates and minerals. These are all-natural and keep plants in tiptop shape. Vegetables result to bigger sizes, more delicious taste, and even having more nutrition. It' been tested even in big farms in the US. You can do aquaponics in small gardens in your rooftop, terrace, or backyard as the system is also doable in big farms.

There is a proper technology for all this an you can get that technology though Aquaponics 4 You. This e-book gives you details on how to make your own aquaponics system even in the small space you have at home, or in your farm. You can raise both your fish and vegetables and link them in a synergistic relationship--each benefiting and empowering the other.

To further understand this system, there are more info details found on the product page of Aquaponics 4 You. Start producing your own organic vegetables right in your backyard or even in your garden terrace. That's zero chemical and zero pesticides for the vegetables you put on your family diner table!

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