Ampalaya: Power Food!

Ampalaya leaves are amazing. Try sauteing them in chopped garlic, onions, and onion leaves with some tinapa (native smoked fish) fillet toppings. It's not just a diabetes remedy; it's a power food--food that empowers your physical strength like never before! It makes you feel in tiptop health, too.

Aside from the leaves, you also get power food from the fruit, the bitter melon. Did you know that sauteed ampalaya fruit is among Manny Pacquiao's favorite power food? He was once featured on Philippine TV eating a lot of it.

But I not only take Manny's word for it. I've been eating both the fruit and leaves since my teenage years and have been feeling super! When I feel stressed out or too tired to do anything, I ask my wife to prepare an ampalaya dish or add a lot of the green leafy veggie in our sauteed mongo dish. I tell you, I feel the surge of energy and vitality empower my body at once right after eating.

Some reject the bitter taste. My old folks had been emphasizing to me that any bitter veggie is super good for the health, and is a powerful remedy for stomach ailments. And these folks generally lived to be 80 plus. Some reached 90 plus. So I've been eating the green veggie ever since.

If you don't like the taste, try soaking the fruit in a mixture of water and salt before cooking. That may eradicate the bitterness, but it would also reduce the nutrition. I prefer eating ampalaya in its original bitter flavor. Some fruit are naturally without the bitter taste. Good for you if you chance upon them.

If you want athletic body power, you should eat more of this veggie, both fruit and leaves. Better yet, try drinking about 3 tablespoon of ampalaya juice taken from its crushed leaves. It's a super power food! I will be discussing about it later on PhilAsian Herbs. Watch for it.

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