Organic Amino Fertilizer: BIONIX

It's very new in the Philippines. Most organic fertilizers here are minerals, with some of them mixed with micro organisms. But this organic amino fertilizer--BIONIX--is quite different. It's powerful in that it has 18 types of L-Amino Acids, 14 types of minerals, and 3 types of micro organisms.

L-Amino Acid

Plants get nutrients from the soil and produces its own food through the help of sunlight, air, and water. We learned about this in grade school--the process of photosynthesis by which plants make their food. That food is called L-amino acid. L-amino acid is a building food for plants to make them healthy, grow well and big, and produce awesome crops. Now, BIONIX is L-amino acid.

Once it is sprayed on plants or trees, they eat immediately. No need to wait for photosynthesis. This is quite helpful when there is a storm or during rainy season when there's less sunlight. Each of the 18 types of L-Amino Acid in BIONIX has a special work in plants and crops to make them phenomenally exceptional in size, taste, and quantity.

14 Minerals

Most chemical fertilizers only have 3 types of minerals: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK). BIONIX has 14. Plants don't just need NPK; they need more micro nutrients to grow well and perform better during cropping. Imagine what kind of super crops you would be growing with 14 different types of minerals.

3 Micro Organisms

No matter how many NPK fertilizers you put in your soil, if it has not enough micro organisms, your soil will not be any good for your plants. Micro organisms are the reason why plants are able to absorb soil nutrients and use them to make their food. Chemical fertilizer byproducts, like muriatic acid, kill micro organisms in the soil, so that your plants get less and less soil nutrition even if you put in sacks of chemical fertilizers.

Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance: Organic Soil Conditioning : An Agricultural Text and Reference BookThus, soil and plant fertilization should be a combination of L-amino acids, minerals, and micro organisms. Amino fertilizer in foliar application is not enough though, Your soil should get enough organic supplements, like organic solid fertilizers. You can spray BIONIX Max 1 on your solid organic fertilizer or compost before planting. Let it sit for 14 days, and then you're assured of a fertile, rich, and chemical-free soil.

Organic amino fertilizers are good for rice plants, vegetables, other plants and fruit bearing trees. They're perfect for corn, sugarcane, palm oil, mangoes, and others. Of course, they're excellent for your herbs, even wild ones, and other herbal plants. Plants grown organically last longer after harvest. For more on BIONIX...

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