Powerful Liquid Organic Fertilizer

All you gardening aficionados out there, here's a chance to fertilize your soil and improve your harvest like never before!...How about that for a hype? But this is not just hype. This liquid organic fertilizer is powerful. Its got everything you need for an impressive quality harvest. And you can make money on it, too!

Glacier Humus by Fertile Land Asia Manufacturing Corp. (FELAMCO) is a unique liquid organic fertilizer for foliar application (spray over plants) and soil fertilization. The key is its powerful blend of micro nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acid, and microorganism. And it's all-natural, fermented through quality procedures and manufactured in Davao City, Philippines.

Aside from its quality, it's so affordable. Ordinary farmers can well afford it at Php 300 per liter bottle! And you just need 2 liters per hectare!

Apply it for vegetables, fruit trees like banana and others, and of course, palay (rice). It is also for your home vegetable garden, orchids, ornamental plants, and lawn grass. Other similar fertilizers emit foul odors but Glacier Humus by FELAMCO does not.

Philippine soil is acidic. Well, at least for most parts of the country, it is. The key here is the application of microorganism and then minerals and amino acid for soil rejuvenation and better plant growth, respectively. No matter what fertilizer you put on your soil, and how much, the nutrients will remain idle in the soil without the essential action of microorganism. Microorganism breaks down these nutrients into much simpler forms so plants can absorb them. Without this process, your fertilizers will be useless. 

But worry no longer. Your soil will start getting better and your crop or green leafy harvest impressive in quality with Glacier Humus liquid organic fertilizer made by FELAMCO, Philippines.

This was tested first in Luzon and has been tested now in Mindanao, and the results have been amazing. It is great for vegetables and rice and fruit trees, and all types of plants. It is not harmful to the user (unlike chemical fertilizers), to the soil, and to the crops. It is ideal for your farm or home garden, especially for herbs. Definitely good for herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia. 

Go all-organic with your gardens and enjoy healthy, chemical-free vegetables. Glacier Humus is available in the Philippines and business dealership is now open. For more details, please see the FELAMCO website.

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