Herbal Immune Booster: It's Cheap and Commonly Found in the Philippines!

People all over the world have been searching for the ideal herbal immune booster, something that's cheap and commonly found around them. Of course, there are a lot of herbs, plants, and fruits reported to be powerful herbal immune boosters, but they are hard to find (sometimes, you have to scour the farthest places in the world like Indiana Jones or a Tomb Raider did to get to them) and cost too much for ordinary people like me.

So where can we find a powerful herbal immune booster we can afford and take daily? Well, one day as I and my wife were busy sorting out things at home and cleaning old stuffs, we heard a herbal nutrition and wellness expert being interviewed on the radio (DZAS). She was a certified organic and herbal enthusiast operating a clinic called Tree of Life somewhere in Manila (you can also check their Facebook page).

You Won't Believe What It Is!

You know what she said? The ideal and affordable herbal immune booster is--Kalamansi! It's been around us since time immemorial, it's cheap and always available in wet markets, supermarkets, and even street corner stores (sari-sari stores) here in the Philippines! Yeah, I knew that kalamansi or Calamondin (Science calls it Citrofortunella microcarpa) was good for health and body resistance, but she said amazing things about the small but terrible citrus fruit. It does not only boost the immune system, it cleanses and empowers the colon so that it stays in tiptop shape to help the body absorb vital food nutrients! And, of course, prevent cancer. And because it deals with colon cleansing, it's a super weight loss citrus fruit!

The Power of Kalamansi

The power of kalamansi is in its rich Vitamin C content. And this vitamin is known to be a potent immune system booster, aside from a known cancer fighter. Simply put, if you are sickly, take lots of Vitamin C daily from fresh fruits. And aside from Vitamin C, some experts say Kalamansi also has other vitamins and minerals. Kalamansi is really among small but powerful herbs and plants in the Philippines and Asia.


No, you don't take kalamansi with sugar and water to be a herbal immune booster. A kalamansi drink like that is refreshing, but if you want a power-packed herbal immune booster and colon cleaner, take it this way: 30 minutes before breakfast, take 15 to 28 freshly squeezed kalamansi fruits, drinking them in a glass as soonas they're squeezed. Acidic? Nope. Freshly squeezed kalamansi is alkaline. Just make sure you drink it as soon as the kalamansi is squeezed.

Safe, all-natural and
organic weight loss product.
Why 15 to 28 pieces? Well, that's what the experts say. My guess is that, the number is necessary for an immune boost. I take 15 each morning about 30 minutes after my water therapy and 30 minutes before taking fruits like bananas. I used to easily catch cold and cough, but not anymore since I've been doing this herbal immune booster morning health ritual. I thank God for that!

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